Get me a bev

So this Saturday I am heading out for a girls night. N is going to my mum’s for a sleepover which gives J a break too and I am SO excited. It’ll be nice to see my friends without talking about N the entire time, sometimes I do want adult conversations you know! N is now 10 weeks old and I feel absolutely fine leaving him for the night. He is great with other people and has been in a sleeping routine for the last week or so (this just happened through no parenting from us, yippee).

I have no idea what I’m going to wear. I’m probably going to bump into loads people I know so I want to go for something that says ‘classy mum’ but ‘I’m still alright you know’. I’ve tried on all my pre-baby clothes and they still kind of fit, a bit snug, but I feel so uncomfortable in them. Flashing some flesh was fine before but now I have a child bodycon is completely out of the question. I still have my mum tum – be prepared for your belly to resemble a water bed for the foreseeable future, unless your super mum and go back to the gym. All hail those who have the time/energy/money/gym clothes that still fit. My gym outfits currently cut into me so much I look like a stringed up piece of beef. I have started my diet today however, mainly to reduce flabby bits for Saturday night so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll probably have some biscuits by lunchtime. I imagine I’ll be drunk after about 2 glasses of cheap wine which is great as having a baby makes you completely skint – I’m secretly hoping everyone will buy me drinks to celebrate.

I must remember:

  • Slut drops are not appropriate when you’re a mother
  • Shots are never a good idea
  • When the club shuts it’s DEFINITELY time to go home
  • Remember you have a baby to look after tomorrow
  • Your bladder control isn’t what it used to be ( this will be the main one )






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