So I’ve come to the realisation I am in fact a hermit. Giving birth has resulted in me being happy to stay indoors 22 hours a day. Me and N usually go for a walk in the evening when J gets home from work but apart from that we stay in when were alone together. It is winter.. is that a viable excuse? Probably not. I’m probably damaging N’s mind and he’ll grow up fearing sunlight and have see through pale skin but it’s just so easy. I’d rather stay in and play with him whilst streaming the latest series of The Walking Dead then go through the whole rigmarole of getting him ready; sort out his bag, a bottle, wrestle him into his car seat, drag everything out the house, lock up, get it into the car, listen to his ‘I’m in the car and hate it’ screams. Why bother. Well probably because I’ll end up senile and so fat they’ll have to cut me out of my house when I eventually do need to leave. I really should get out more but I hate baby groups and general mum activities. Any suggestions are always welcome..



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