Everything smells…

First of all, apologies for not posting in a while. N has been suffering with puking literally all day non-stop. It’s an absolute nightmare. It’s not even just milk sick, it’s gross curdled sick that’s so thick he chokes on it. 5 trips to the doctor later and we still have no diagnosis as he’s putting on weight fine. What do you do when the professionals say everything’s OK but your house smells like there’s a Mcdonalds milkshake festering away under the bed? Panic and buy everything possible to help it stop. We’ve switched his formula brand, were forcing Gaviscon down him at every opportunity and getting through Colief like it doesn’t cost ELEVEN POUNDS a bottle ( the bottle is the size of my thumb). By the time we figure out what’s wrong he’ll be moving out..

On a lighter note, we had a baby date last night. Our friends had a little girl exactly a month before N and we piled round to theirs,  as that’s just what you do when you both have babies. Now, it’s not that I don’t like seeing them but they make me look like such a bad mother (it doesn’t take much). She breastfeeds, she swaddles, she slings, she uses reusable nappies and god forbid you offer her a baby wipe. She was a nanny before she went on maternity leave so I like to think she had a head start with the whole kid rearing process. We’ve been messaging for a while and by the sounds of it, her baby is like N.. She won’t take a dummy and get’s bored of things easily. Hurrah, someone in the same boat as me! This could not be further than the truth. We get there and N’s just woke up so he’s being pretty cute. Lots of babbling, smiles and happily entertaining himself with toys. Eventually the 30 minutes he can stand outside our house is up and the winging begins. Meanwhile, her baby is being absolutely perfect and her version of a ‘cry’ can best be described as a mild squeak. I hate her. I feed him again and he immediately vomits all over their floor. 5 minutes later he vomits on their sofa and 5 after that he pukes all over their baby’s Jumperoo. I am mortified. 1 because he’s staining their furniture but more because I can’t stop it and when they ask me what’s up with him I just look at them blankly and say ‘the doctor said he’s fine’. Being a mum with a fussy baby is hard but having friends with babies who are absolute delight’s makes it 1000% worse.

I feel they should organise baby groups for tricky babies so you can all just sit and wollow in your self pity whilst they scream. Anyone know any?


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