Thing’s I think on a daily basis

 Please don’t wake up

Please don’t be poo

Why are you crying?!!!!!!

The neighbours must hate me

Please don’t be a visitor

Seriously, why are you crying?!

I’ll just have some crisps

J can do it later

Please shut up

I wonder how much a Nanny is

I’ll do it when J gets home

Please don’t wake up

How can something so small produce so much puke?

Aww a smile…i love you t….. nope just sick

You must be tired by now…..

Should probably tidy up… Ooo real housewives is on

I really need to wash more

We’ll go for a walk tomorrow

Takeaway tonight?

When the fuck is J getting home?!

These all probably sound really horrible but it’s the truth. You can’t help what goes through your head, especially when you’re severely sleep deprived and angry that your partner gets to walk out of the chaos every morning. I love my N more than anything in this world but trust me, you’ll probably get through this list on day one and if you don’t, well I salute you for keeping your shit together.


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