Teething (argh!!)

So N’s been teething since he was about 8 weeks old. I didn’t even realise this until the health visitor came round and noticed. Of course I did the whole ‘oh yeah I thought that’ thing…. Bad mum points or what. So anyway, I’ve been giving him a million different teething gels, all of which make him puke up as he just licks it off my finger. I’ve tried teething rings, frozen dummies (which N refuses to take when there not frozen) and everything else I can find but he can’t hold them to his mouth so it’s all pretty pointless. I had resided myself to a life of screaming until I saw an advert on Facebook – all hail the magic of Facebook advertising!

It’s a teething glove that you put on baby’s hand so they can chomp away happily without needing to grip anything! Dah dah!! The bloke who invented it is a genius. N’s loving it and it really does seem to be helping him. It’s made of cloth which you can throw in the washing machine and comes with a removable ring which you can sterilise – I’ve taken this off N’s for now as he can’t really use it yet. It comes in 2 colours if you’re fussy and they can’t drop it!! How fab is that?

I got mine from eBay but the direct website link is http://gummee.life/2-our-shop 

and no, they haven’t paid me or sent me a free one to write this.. if only!




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