Out Out

So you may of seen I went out out on Saturday, the first time since finding out I was pregnant. I went with my best friend and another friend who has a 2 year old. Ultimate mum’s night out.

I had such a relaxing few hours getting ready as N was at my mum’s. It was nice enough just to have a bath without watching the clock and properly do my hair and make-up. I went for a leather trousers and blouse combo (it was really all that fit me) and J dropped me off. We started off in Spoons for prinks and to be honest, I felt pretty tipsy after a couple of Prosecco’s. Not drinking for 9 months has changed me.

We went to a club (more bar than club but we like it) and actually had a pretty good night. It was like old times. I’d completely forgotten how to dance but I couldn’t really before anyway.  I roped J into picking me up at 2am. 2AM!!! I am wild. I’d quite obviously drunk too much and had to pull over multiple times on the way home to be sick, classy mum! We slept in till 12 the next day but I woke up with the worst hangover in the world. I can’t hack it anymore, I’m past my prime, I thought I was dying. After another trip to the loo to be sick and a large Mcdonald’s meal we headed to my mum’s to pick N up. As soon as I cuddled him I realised I never ever wanted to go out again. Sitting in with N beats going out any day of the week. Also, looking around at all the people drunk, dancing and getting off with each other with no responsibilities made me feel so guilty I was in there! Not to mention the amount of money I managed to plough through. Seriously what was I drinking?


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