Oh p**s off

Did everyone see (or get tagged in) Luisa Zissman’s baby routine post on Instagram? No? Lucky you.

She uploaded her 6 month old’s daily routine on Instagram this week and one of my lovely friends thought it’d be great to tag me in it. She genuinely thought I might be interested so I can’t really be mad – I definitely was at the time.

IMG_6493 (1).PNG

So there it is.

First of all.. HOW MUCH DOES HER BABY SLEEP?! N sleeps 8 hours at night and then probably 4 hours spread throughout the day. That’s 12 hours a day. Half a day he’s a sleep, half he’s awake. Her baby sleeps for what looks like over 16 hours in a day. 16 hours!! And then it leaves about 4 hours in a day when she’s not sleeping/feeding. Honestly it sounds like bliss. 16 hours to get the housework done, to have a bath, to have an un-rushed wee whilst scrolling through Facebook. That’s what dreams are made of – and she said her daughter has been in this routine since birth!

Of course it instantly made me question everything I am doing. Should N be sleeping more? He’s so much younger than her daughter, surely he should be more sleepy? Is he strange for being so awake all the time? Should I be enforcing a strict routine?! We usually let N lead the way when it comes to his day. He wakes at the same time and usually naps at roughly the same time each day. Other day’s we go out/visit people/drive somewhere so it changes it all. He loves to nap in the car and rarely naps at other people’s houses so I just can’t see a routine working. Is that wrong? I thought about it for ages but it’s working for us at the moment and I like the fact each day is different. Of course it makes it harder to anticipate meltdowns in Aldi and he might sleep straight through visitors but I really don’t care.

Plus, why would a celebrity know any better than yourself? I am so one for following anything and everything I read online which is so silly. Just because something works for one person, doesn’t mean it’ll work for me  and I need to remember that!





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