Pro’s and lots of Con’s

I thought I’d put together a list of thing’s to expect from having 2 small children. A pro’s and con’s if you like. 

Shit things:

You will never wash again. Not exaggerating, I absolutely stink.

You will never sleep again. ‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ is now not an option and your toddler will probably choose the birth of their sibling as the perfect time to become nocturnal.

You will be skint all the time. Double the nappies, double the wipes, double the clothes, double the food and double the bloody nursery fees!!!

You can never find a babysitter because honestly who’s crazy enough to look after both your kids at the same time. I’m their mum and I barely manage. Date night is currently an Asda pizza and GBBO on iPlayer (usually interrupted by a crying child).

People will just assume you have your shit together. ‘Soft play date?’ Abso-fucking-lutely not.  I can’t drag my baby into the hell of the main frame when my toddler is stuck/crying/being a dick and I couldn’t possibly leave the baby in his pram or be pounced upon my the mum army for leaving him out of sight. Just invite me round to your house for a coffee and I’ll apologise profusely for the mess we all make.

They will inevitably both lose their shit at the same time, probably in public. Fight your battles, carry snacks at all times and maybe just never leave your house again.

If you’re like me, you will at some point forget you have had another child and leave them in the car/in the house/in their pram at the park. Trust me it happens and you’ll feel like a complete failure. It still happens now at 6 months but I’ve learnt to laugh and hope no one calls social services.

Good things:

Sometimes they nap at the same time and you get to eat something.

2 babies make for adorable pictures. My Instagram looks fab.



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