Square Eyes

What did cave people ever do without television? I imagine they just let there baby scream as they didn’t have neighbours who probably already thought they were terrible parents due to the noise.

Putting N infront of the TV for aslong as it satisfies him allows me to get so much done that I couldn’t without it ( peeing, sometimes brushing my hair, eating pringles and so on) It probably sounds terrible but I don’t understand what other people do? When you have a baby that needs to be entertained every second they are awake, the TV is your best friend. This is probably hugely frowned upon by baby professionals but I feel all their advice is great if you have the time or means to execute it. Tummy time, bath time, naps, feeding and walks can only take up so much time in a day! Don’t get me wrong, I sit and play with him in silly voices waving garish baby toys in front of him but after a while he loses interest (who wouldn’t). When you have a home to run, a baby to raise and not to mention keeping yourself sane, a TV to keep my baby amused is a godsend.

-If anyone judges you on this or says the god foresaken words ‘in my day’, unplug there telly and give them your baby for the day. See how they cope.


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